Hoppers By Kingwood

Explore heavy-duty hopper bottoms for 14’-21’ bins. Proven design, full aeration option, and Ontario-wide delivery.

Compatibility with Multiple Bin Diameters

Designed to fit seamlessly with 14’, 15’, 18’, 19’, and 21’ Diameter Bins, offering versatile solutions for different storage needs.

Proven Field Performance

Our hopper bottoms are trusted and tested in real-world agricultural environments, delivering reliable performance and durability.

Powder Painted Finish

Powder painted for excellent material flow, reducing friction and ensuring smooth grain handling, improving overall efficiency.

Full Aeration Floor Option

Enhance your grain storage capabilities with the option for a full aeration floor, ensuring optimal airflow for stored grains, maintaining quality, and preventing spoilage.

Ontario Wide Delivery

Ontario-wide delivery available for hassle-free access to our top-quality hopper bottoms across the province.

Current Dealers

Harkness Equipment

Location: Harriston, Ontario

Phone: 519-338-3946

Van Nes Custom Welding

Location: New Hamburg, Ontario

Phone: 519-276-1744

Martins Grain Bins

Location: Lindsay, Ontario

Phone: 705-799-7262

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